Remembering the good times.

I look on our work of producing Pet Memory Stones as a much needed service to those who are grieving the loss of a pet.

Pets become such a large part of our lives without our even noticing. You play with them, cuddle with them, talk to them, while they look up to you and listen to you but never judge you. Then one day they are no longer there……….and that can be devastating. The initial grief overwhelms and numbs a person.   That is the time when our Pet Memory Stones are a very real service.

When I hand over the finished stone to someone who is suffering a loss, I watch their face.   They take the rock and usually make the comment “Oh, that’s heavy”.   Then their eyebrows come together as they examine the stone to make sure everything looks okay.   After only a few seconds I see their eyebrows start to come up, their face slowly begins to soften and a little smile forms at the corner of their mouth.   This is the moment, I know, that they have put their grief aside and have started to remember their friend and some good times they shared.

The service we provide is to ‘ease the pain of loss’ by providing something that is solid, tangible and real, that helps focus on the happy moments spent with your pet.   Placed on the mantle or out in the garden, I like to think that each time they glance at the stone, a little smile will come.

In my next blog I will talk about my campaign to have the city of Surrey put “Memory Lanes” into our parks.